We welcome Children’s Birthday Parties, family groups and clubs, to travel on the Mornington Branch Line. Options include travel in well appointed heritage carriages,:

  • In large reserved compartments on a Excursion Trains (up to 50 passengers in each compartment)
  • In corridor/compartment carriages, some over 100 years old

Enquiries & Bookings

Arthur Stone (03) 9787 2335


      Children love trains and parties

  • Up to 2 hours on the train
  • Reserved carriage compartment
  • Decorations
  • Self catered (Plates & cups provided)
  • First 3 Sundays of the month

2017 Fares

Children (3-15) $15
Children Under 3 free
Adults standard fare


Social clubs, service clubs, family and other groups are invited to travel on Sunday Excursion Trains.

Travel options include travelling in large compartments for up to 50 passengers

Group discounts may apply subject to numbers.

Special (charter) trains for large groups are available on any day or evening


Special trains operate mid-week for primary and secondary school groups. Activities include outdoor education, history and science.